Frequently asked questions

When the quality guarantee term for an item is missing, the buyer can submit his demands, concerning the deficiencys of a product, in a reasonable period of time, but no longer then 2 years after receiving the item. Although contract can sometimes provide a longer period.

In the European Union there is a 2 year quality guarantee term. So what should I do if the contract establishes a shorter than 2 year period and the product deficiencys were noticed after the period ended (but 2 years since receiving that item have not yet passed).

In such case operating air carrier shall immediately pay compensation with the regard to the flight distance, also provide meals and refreshments, two telephone calls, telex or fax messages, or –emails, hotel accommodation and transport (where a stay of one or more nights becomes necessasary, or where a stay additional to that intended by the passenger becomes necessary), also re-routing, under comparable transport conditions, to the final destination at the earliest opportunity.

After you have your „Property Irregularity Report“ (hereinafter – PIR) filled, in addition you should submit a written pretension to the operating air carrier, as not all the air carriers tend to qualify the PIR as a submission of written claim.

In the event the flight has been cancelled due to force majeure (bad weather conditions are also being held as a force majeure condition), air carrier is not obliged to pay compensations to the passengers on the grounds of flight cancellation, however air carrier has the obligation to care, that is to provide meal, drinks, transport, hotel, etc.