What kind of assistance provided by the European Consumer Centre?

We are ready to help everybody who bought faulty goods or services for their own purposes in the European Union! We are ready to help you when you as a consumer - resident of Lithuania, have bought faulty goods or services in the EU member state (or Norway and Iceland), and residents of the EU (or Norway and Iceland), when they have bought faulty goods or services in Lithuania, to resolve their problems.

Air passengers' rights: 

  • delayed, cancelled flights; 
  • denied boardinng; 
  • lost, damaged or delayed luggage;

Goods or services bought online or visiting foreign country.

Car rental.

Unfair commercial practice and unfair contracts.

When residents of Lithuania buy goods and services from Lithuanian traders. 

We do not handle specific complaints regarding:

  • Food products;
  • Construction services;
  • Immovable property;
  • Pharmaceutical products;
  • Financial services;
  • Insurance;
  • Medical services.


Dropshipping: avoid paying too much at an online shop
Did you order a package from a Dutch online shop and then waited for weeks for your order to be delivered because it turned out to come from abroad? Then you are probably dealing with dropshipping.
A website on coronavirus
The European Commission have put together a website on coronavirus. It includes some really useful information and as it's an official website of the EU, you know you can trust the information!
Play and learn how to shop safely online!
Play the game https://brandedshoesoutlet.eu/ and learn how to shop safely online!
Key information on consumer rights in the event of cancellation of travels.
Given the difficult situation due to the coronavirus threat and the current flight bans, the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority provides key information on consumer rights in the event of cancellation of travels.
Watch out for counterfeit products
They can be cheap, stylish and look genuine. Shopping, whether online or on holiday, can result in you buying counterfeit items. Why is that a problem? Should you really have to pay extra for a small brand mark on the bag or shoe you desire?  
Important information how to contact ECC Lithuania
The Lithuanian government has announced a two-week nationwide quarantine to stop the spread of the coronavirus. You can reach European consumer centre in Lithuania by e-mail: [email protected] or tel. +370 5 265 0368.
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