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March 2017 – mixed orders

A consumer from Lithuania ordered 3 pairs of trousers and a coat from a seller registered in Spain. When the consumer received the package she was unpleasantly surprised – she received an order from another consumer from Lithuania (there were two stickers on package). First of all the consumer contacted the parcel delivery company, but they recommended to complaint to the seller. The consumer contacted the seller and informed that received the package that was not her, but did not receive the items she ordered. The seller only informed that the complaint case is open, but after that the consumer received no information what to do with the package. The consumer sent the package to the seller and it successfully reached the seller, but the consumer did not get compensation for the postal expenses, nor money refund for the items that were not delivered. The consumer could not solve the dispute with the seller herself and turned to the European Consumer Centre in Lithuania. The complaint was shared with the European Consumer Centre in Spain and thanks to the cooperation of both centers, the seller paid compensation for the postal expenses and refunded the money for items that were not delivered.
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