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Germania bankruptcy procedure
Another German airline is bankrupted. On 04.02.2019 the airline filed for bankruptcy at the district court of Berlin-Charlottenburg: https://www.berlin.de/gerichte/amtsgericht-charlottenburg/  According to Germania, package travellers can contact their travel agent to organise a substitute transport. Passengers who have booked directly with Germania do not have such a possibility. What those affected need to know.
July 2018 –hotel booking
A consumer from Lithuania booked a hotel room in Malta for 11 nights, however due to health issues he could not check in on the scheduled date, but did some days later.
Western Union Refunds after fraud
Consumers who lost money to a scammer using Western Union during the period January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017, can now file a claim to apply for a refund.
Bankruptcy of UAB Small Planet Airlines
On 4 January 2019 Vilnius County Court initiated the enterprise bankruptcy proceedings against SMALL PLANET AIRLINES BUAB, company code 300659612, Address: J. Basanavičiaus g. 15, Vilnius, Lithuania). The Court decision became effective on 15 January 2019.

May 2018 – unsuccessful return of the ordered goods
A consumer from Lithuania purchased kids clothing online from a seller based in Italy. The consumer received the ordered items and some of them did not fit. The consumer turned to the seller and wanted to use the right of withdrawal.
January 2018 – no money refund for the returned faulty shoes
A consumer from Lithuania ordered shoes online from a seller registered in Latvia. When the consumer received the shoes, she noticed that they are faulty. She filled return form and send back to the seller together with the faulty shoes.
September 2018 – money refund for the cancelled event
A consumer from Lithuania purchased 11 tickets through the ticket seller to the event organized by event organizer registered in Latvia. The event was cancelled and the consumer turned to the ticket seller and event organizer for money refund.
March 2018 – poor quality English language courses
A consumer from Lithuania saw an advertisement about English language courses for 79 EUR. It was advertised that if consumers are not satisfied with the courses they can ask for money refund.
December 2017 - Double payment for winter tyres
A consumer from Lithuania booked a car by internet from a car rental company registered in Italy. Winter tires were included in the price, but after the rental period the consumer noticed that additional charge from his credit card for the winter tires was withdrawn by the car rental company.

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