February 28, 2024

What should I know before booking the hotel?

  • After booking the hotel, always print the confirmation and take it with you;
  • Read the terms and conditions of your booking and be sure you understand everything, if don’t – ask for explanation;
  • Reserving the hotel via the Internet, present your payment card’s details only in the safe page and do not reveal your PIN code to anyone;
  • Note the period, when you can still cancel your reservation, otherwise – the hotel will not be able to return your money back and/or could give you a fine;
  • If you have any special requirements, specify them in your order;
  • Note the type of meal: BB – breakfast, HB – breakfast and dinner, Al – all inclusive, no meal, dry portion;
  • Note the exact date of departure and arrival; check-in and check-out time – if you check-in earlier or check-out later, the hotel could charge you extra;
  • Inform the representative of the hotel about your intention to arrive later – this will help you to avoid unexpected situations, if a hotel gives your room to other persons;
  • In most of the hotels there is a mini-bar for extra charge. The hotel is obliged to give the prices of mini-bar, but sometimes it happens that it doesn’t. In this situation, be smart consumers and always ask about the prices of mini-bar.

If you face any problems in the hotel:

  • If you have any complaints, address them to the administration of hotel, if they are not willing to help you – submit them in a written form;
  • If you don’t succeed – contact any consumer protection institution in Lithuania or ECC Lithuania – they are able to help you;
  • In any case keep the important information – confirmation of your booking, receipts, guarantee, letters, pictures, date of conversations and names of people, you were talking to – this will help you in protecting your rights.