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1. Do you live in Lithuania?

The competency of the ECC-Net is residence based. As ECC Lithuania we can only intervene for consumers residing in Lithuania and having a cross-border complaint against a trader based in another Member state of the EU, Iceland, Norway or the UK. The aim of ECC-Net is to co-operate efficiently and promptly.

Therefore please contact the European Consumer Centre in your country of residence. The colleagues will advise you: https://www.eccnet.eu/contact-your-local-ecc

2. Do you have a question about a trader from a different EU country, Norway, Iceland or United Kingdom?

If you are a Lithuanian resident, and you have a complaint against a Lithuanian trader, we are not entitled to act on your behalf in this matter. Therefore, please contact State Consumer Rights Protection Authority (vvtat.lt).

Does your complaint concern a purchase from a country outside of the EU, such as China or the United States? You may want to check out ICPEN https://icpen.org/resolve-dispute#cross-border-disputes

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